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Our mission is to build a community of encouraged, equipped, and empowered people who are passionately pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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  Tickets On Sale Now! Click Here Saturday Pass – $25.00 Catered Lunch Q&A Session With Ed. – $25.00 SATURDAY 9:00 AM Session 1: How Does God Change Our Story (morning session) In this first session Ed will share his testimony and the power of God to save us from staying ‘stuck’ in our back story. […]


Interactive Church

It has been over 35 years now since I first gave my life to Jesus. A lot has changed in those 35 years. When I gave my life to Jesus, Cable TV was just becoming widespread. Touch tone phones were still the latest technology. Cassette tape players had just replaced the 8-track. And Intellevision was […]


The Guarantee Of Love

Every year I read a book. It is not the only book I read during the year but I read it to remind myself of what God has embedded in my soul. That book is Love, Acceptance And Forgiveness by Jerry Cook. Jerry was my first pastor and his influence on my life was instrumental […]

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Living By The Power Of The Spirit

Things To Consider Where am I gaining my values from? Is it from the popular culture of the day or from the Lord? Am I thirsty for the things of the Spirit of God or is that just something for the super spiritual people? How much am I developing my soul? How is my heart […]


Dear Mom

What ground is left for accusation since sin’s penalty has been fully paid? The blood of the Lord has atoned for all the sins of a believer; hence there is no more condemnation in the conscience. Watchman Nee

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