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Welcome to The Vineyard

Our mission is to build a community of encouraged, equipped, and empowered people who are passionately pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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A Thankful Heart

In one week we are going to be gathering around a dinner table and celebrating the goodness of God in our lives. But as with many holidays, the importance of the heart attitude is lost in the midst of the tradition. I want to take a moment to talk about having a thankful heart, not […]

-in-the-boat-with- Jesus

Are We All In The Boat?

The first Sunday I was here as pastor of this great church I shared a message entitled, “Let Us Go To The Other Side.” In that message I shared with you about how we were heading to the other side from where the church had been. Namely, to the other side of pain, hurt, and […]


Who Is Robby Dawkins And Why Did We Bring Him To The Peninsula?

On Friday October 10th we are having a special event. We asked Robby Dawkins to come to Mid-Peninsula Vineyard for 3 days of learning how to do the things Jesus did. When I came to this church, there were two things I saw that needed to happen. The church needed healing which God has graciously […]


Our Gift Or His Gifts?

For many years in Spirit filled circles it was taught that God gives you a spiritual gift and that is the one you use. As much as this teaching at least encouraged people to start using a spiritual gift, it was not helpful in releasing all that God has for a church or community. As […]

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