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Our mission is to build a community of encouraged, equipped, and empowered people who are passionately pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Interactive Church

It has been over 35 years now since I first gave my life to Jesus. A lot has changed in those 35 years. When I gave my life to Jesus, Cable TV was just becoming widespread. Touch tone phones were still the latest technology. Cassette tape players had just replaced the 8-track. And Intellevision was […]


The Guarantee Of Love

Every year I read a book. It is not the only book I read during the year but I read it to remind myself of what God has embedded in my soul. That book is Love, Acceptance And Forgiveness by Jerry Cook. Jerry was my first pastor and his influence on my life was instrumental […]


Celebrating Restoration

The Vineyard church has a mission. That mission is to walk in cooperation with the Holy Spirit in establishing the kingdom of God in the world starting in our own backyard. Nothing can be closer to the heart of our mission than restoration. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. When we see […]


What Gifts Do We Bring To Jesus?

Last weekend we had one of the best events we have had so far since I have been pastoring the Vineyard church here. We had 4 churches gather together to bring one gift to Jesus. That was our praise and worship. Last Sunday night we had between 100 and 150 people gather together to worship […]

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Interactive Church Part 2

Interactive learning actively engages the students in wrestling with the material. It reinvigorates the classroom for both students and faculty. Lectures are changed into discussions, and students and teachers become partners in the journey of knowledge acquisition. of content. – Standford School Of Medicine


The Guarantee Of Forgiveness

The third thing we must guarantee people is that no matter how miserably they fail or how blatantly they sin, our unreserved forgiveness is theirs for the asking with no bitter taste left in anybody’s mouth.


The Guarantee Of Acceptance

Because we are accepted in the Beloved, we must be accepting of the beloved. We can’t give up on others until God does—and He won’t! We’re safe with God, and we’ve got to be safe with one another. We’ve got to be able to know that we can blow it and still be loved.

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