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Welcome to The Vineyard

Our mission is to build a community of encouraged, equipped, and empowered people who are passionately pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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What Gifts Do We Bring To Jesus?

Last weekend we had one of the best events we have had so far since I have been pastoring the Vineyard church here. We had 4 churches gather together to bring one gift to Jesus. That was our praise and worship. Last Sunday night we had between 100 and 150 people gather together to worship […]


Why Do We Do What We Do?

As as pastor I talk with many people in the course of what I do. Many times I get asked the question in one form or another that basically says “Why do you do what you do.” This is usually in reference to the church and why we are relevant to today’s world. This morning […]


A Thankful Heart

In one week we are going to be gathering around a dinner table and celebrating the goodness of God in our lives. But as with many holidays, the importance of the heart attitude is lost in the midst of the tradition. I want to take a moment to talk about having a thankful heart, not […]

-in-the-boat-with- Jesus

Are We All In The Boat?

The first Sunday I was here as pastor of this great church I shared a message entitled, “Let Us Go To The Other Side.” In that message I shared with you about how we were heading to the other side from where the church had been. Namely, to the other side of pain, hurt, and […]

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