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What Is A Vineyard Church?

A Vineyard Church Is A Christian Church

Vineyard churches are well within the boundaries of the definition of a Christian Church. In fact, we strive to stay within what we call the “radical middle” between legalism and liberalism, formalism and hyper-emotionalism.

A Vineyard Church Is An Evangelical Church

Vineyard churches are part of the National Association of Evangelicals. As such Vineyard churches believe in…..

  1. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
  2. The authority of the Bible.
  3. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus
  4. In a real and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus.
  5. A literal heaven and a literal hell.

A Vineyard Church Is A Charismatic Church

Vineyard churches believe in the present day gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit. As such we seek and experience the miraculous power of God in the lives of ordinary people.

We place a strong emphasis on worship, praying for one another, and meeting the needs of others with the abundance of God.

A Vineyard Church Is A Non-Denominational Autonomous Church

What that means is that each Vineyard church is self-governed. They have their own 501c3 designation. They have their own board of directors, and they own their own property. They have their own by-laws that govern the way they operate and they alone choose who is their pastor and who they will ordain.

A Vineyard Church Is An Associated Church

Even though each Vineyard Church is autonomous that does not mean they are not connected to a larger body of churches. There is both wisdom and safety in the multitude of counselors.

Every Vineyard Church is part of the Association of Vineyard Churches. They provide support and guidance, fellowship and accountability to each church. This is a voluntary association and each church chooses to be connected to others.

What Makes A Vineyard Church Unique?

The Vineyard Church believes that the primary message of Jesus was the coming of the Kingdom of God (the rule and reign of Jesus). When He died and subsequently resurrected from the dead, the Kingdom of God established a beachhead on this earth.

We are currently living in the time between establishing that beachhead and the final culmination of the total rule and reign of Jesus yet to come. We call it the now and not yet. Everything we do flows from an understanding that we are called to continue to establish His rule and reign in the lives of individuals.

The Vineyard church has a value of seeking the radical middle. We have not always been perfect in finding that middle, but that is our goal.

We stay away from legalistic approaches to Christianity, and liberal approaches as well. We are not formal in our culture or approach, and we are not interested in trying to hype God. We are the no-hype Charismatics.

The Vineyard church is not afraid to take time to wait for God to move. Times of meditation or quietness do not bother us. We also have a sweetness about our worship that is rarely found in other churches.

3 Comments on “What Is A Vineyard Church?

  1. Greetings from Western Australia.
    I have just read an article which has helped me so much. I wish I had a mentor like you pastor.
    My given calling from being sent to Nigeria..single white woman to find lepers..who Jesus healed..directions Mt Siani to see opening like cave which is there on film..to God Tv an now mining.
    Pastor I receive words by writing an drawings to countries and exactly what Holy Spirit tells me I see.
    Being on my own is difficult but I will never give up Gods calling.
    Your article was when God takes you to next level.
    I hope and pray you make contact with me.
    Im on Facebook..linnie harris.
    Ps web is way out of date. FB has pics of Gods mining land.

  2. 3/8/2020
    Other than word of mouth, the internet is the primary place people find information. It’s sad to see church websites such as yours that are not updated. These forms are more comment forms, but they aren’t for comments they are people asking for information–I see two of these ‘comment’ forms on your website. I would strongly suggest taking them down as they have personal information. Comment forms are for people to make ‘comments’, for example to a written sermon/blog, they aren’t used for people asking questions for everyone who comes to your website to see.
    Again, there must be someone who can update your website–I was considering visiting your church, but you’ve got postings here that are 2-3 years old with people seeking information. It comes across as not caring or that perhaps you are no longer an active church.

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