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Vineyard Kids


At the Vineyard Church, kids are not the future church, they are the church! That means that we intentionally include them in a variety of activities rather than just send them off away from the rest of us.

Children are included in the first 15 minutes of worship each Sunday. We feel it is important for them to see their parents model what it is to worship God.

We pray for our children each Sunday before we dismiss them for Vineyard Kid’s church. We do this so that they are always reminded that the rest of the people in the church love them and care about their future.

We have specially designed Vineyard Kids curriculum that puts the message of Jesus in a way that they can understand and comprehend.

We believe that parents need to be involved in the spiritual formation of their children. Each Sunday, our Vineyard Kids are given a worksheet that ties into their lesson that parents can work with them at home to reinforce what they are learning.


Each of our volunteers in Vineyard Kids church are vetted through a process of knowing the person over a period of time and with a criminal background check. Never are our kids left unattended. There are always 2 people present with the children.

If your child has a need that a parent should take care of, we have a number system that flashes in the sanctuary so you can meet your child’s need at any time.