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This Sunday: Jesus Clears the Temple – Study of John

This Sunday, February 5th, Pastor Duke will continue our study of John with John 2:13-22

Happenings – Learning, Fellowship and Outreach

Adult Sunday School – Every Sunday 9:00 am
Meet in the multi-purpose room with Chris Wessling.

Potluck & Fellowship – February 12 (2nd Sunday)
Join us for the monthly church potluck on the 2nd Sunday of each month. All are welcome to join us! Families bring main dish; singles bring side dish.

The Breakfast Club – March 5 (1st Saturday)
A monthly pot-luck breakfast for leaders, staff, and volunteers. This will be less about having a “meeting” and more about forming a community of people that Pastor Duke can hear from, listen to, and encourage

School of Kingdom Ministry
Current class in session. Contact Sue@godshack.com for more information.