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Kindness Outreaches

The dictionary defines kindness as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” And, to some degree, kindness, especially when it is simply human kindness, is just as the dictionary defines it. But when kindness flows from God, through us and into the world, it is so, so much more than the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. When the kindness we show to those around us is flowing from God through us, it is life transforming.

What Is Kindness?

When we talk about kindness, we are not talking about ‘niceness’. Niceness is more of a wiring that some people naturally have. Maybe you know some people who just emanate that sort of thing all the time – it’s as if they are programmed to relate to everyone in a ‘nice’ way.

Kindness – the God type of kindness that this site is about – on the other hand, is something that flows through us like a pipeline. It’s not something we can manufacture. As God flows through us – his kindness pumping through that pipeline – people’s lives are changed. This is what God talks about when he says his kindness “leads to a radical life change” (Romans 2:4 MSG).

It seems to be clear that almost everyone is looking for a radical life change, versus a slight alteration of life. Because life is difficult, there is no getting around that point. But, one of the most profound ways of dealing with the difficulty of life, is to give away, as well as experience, the kindness of God.

Kindness is something anyone, bar none, can do. It can be random or planned, anticipated or spontaneous. When we are open to God’s touch and His leading, kindness becomes a natural response to the situations we experience, and the people we meet. You don’t need to take a course, get a degree, or serve an apprenticeship to go out there to touch your friends, your family and your community with kindness, you just need to show up.

One of the main points of this site is to encourage and equip you to change the world with His kindness, that is doable and profound.

What Is Our Conspiracy Of Kindness?

Kindness matters because, bottom-line, it changes people’s lives. Here a real life example. The note said:

It’s amazing how God touched my son and me, tonight, on Christmas Eve. My eight-year old son had begged me to take him to Taco Bell to get him a Taco. It was all he wanted for Christmas.

With no exaggeration, we had less than $2 to our name at that point – even after searching through our car seats, between the cushions of our couch, that was all we could come up with. As we drove up to Taco Bell, I felt guilty as a mother that this was all I could offer my son for Christmas. And, even at that, we had barely enough money to buy a Taco!

As we drove up to the take-out window, to my amazement, the cashier said, “there’s no need to pay for any of this. Someone drove up before you, asked what your total was, paid it, and gave me several extra dollars to give to you.”

I had heard what your church does by showing kindness. I even received a bottle of water from you at a stop sign a while back. But to receive this at Christmas – it’s amazingly meaningful. Beyond words, even.

We can’t engineer those kinds of life-changing kindness events, but God can do it with no trouble at all. It will change the lives of those it touches in the here and now, and begin to change them forever. And, as we allow God’s kindness to flow through us, we, too, will be changed.

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