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Growth Groups

Here at the Vineyard we are committed to doing one thing to the best of our ability. We are committed to teaching people how to do the stuff Jesus did.

The word “Christian” was first used 10 years after Jesus rose from the dead. It meant “like Christ.” At the Vineyard we are not concerned about making good “church” people. We are interested in teaching people how to be like Christ by doing the things Jesus did.

We currently have 3 ways for people to start learning how to do the stuff.

Alpha Class

The Alpha Class is a class on the basics of Christianity. It is designed for those that either are seeking to understand the Christian faith or those that have recently started their personal relationship with Christ.

We hold the class a couple of times per year as we gather people that are interested in beginning their journey to be more like Jesus.

Contact us at (info@godshack.com) to find out when the next class starts!

School Of Kingdom Ministry

The School of Kingdom Ministry is designed to be a supernatural ministry training school that is aimed at the everyday person. We believe “Everybody gets to play” and so everybody should be trained.

This class is perfect for those that have completed the Alpha Class and want to continue in their spiritual growth.

The School starts every fall and goes through til the spring. Contact Sue (sue@godshack.com) for more information.

The Breakfast Club

Every first Saturday of the month, Pastor Duke has a breakfast meeting for anyone who is interested in leadership. This is not for just current church leaders, or people who even see themselves being in church leadership, but for anyone who wants to be a leader in the church or marketplace.

This breakfast is open to anyone. Come by and learn how to be a better leader at your job, in your family, and in whatever vision God has given you for your life.

Contact Pastor Duke (duke@godshack.com) for more information.

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