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Picked For His Purpose

Several months ago, we noticed that there are so many homes in our neighborhood who have abundant fruit trees, many of which just have so much fruit that it just rots on the tree or falls to the ground in decay. We believe that God doesn’t want to see this fruit go to waste and that we can not only serve our community, but also fight hunger in our communities.

Picked for His Purpose is a volunteer service of Mid-Peninsula Vineyard Church in San Carlos. We serve our communities by  picking excess fruit for residents, pruning the trees, and donating the proceeds to local food shelters and families in-need.

Since the donation of fruit goes to charity, we provide residents with a receipt for the fair-market value of the fruit (e.g., 10lbs of navel oranges at $0.99/lbs) for immediate tax records. For individuals that are willing to donate the majority of their fruit throughout the year, we will also provide a charitable pledge letter, allowing all maintenance and upkeep expenses incurred throughout the year to be claimed as a tax write-off.