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Here at the Vineyard we have a slogan. No Logo, No Ego. What we mean by that is that we are not here to build a great church program. We don’t have to have every program under our control and leadership. Instead we seek to enable people to find places to serve that are already in existence.

Because of this attitude, we have people who are serving the homeless, the unborn, the hungry, and the elderly. We give our people away to the community with no strings attached.

Below are a few of the opportunities to serve the community.

Daily, over 250,000 people in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties are hungry. Either under nourished or without food. We can all help fight this epidemic with the fruit in our back yards.

Grab a flyer from the front lobby and pass them onto your neighbors.

Contact Chris Michaels at Chris@picked4purpose.org for more information. Each month we choose an activity that exhibits the love of God through random acts of kindness. From paying for laundry loads at the laundromat, to giving away popcorn and bottled water at the park, we do something each month.

Contact Sue (sue@godshack.com) for more information on how you can get involved in our conspiracy of kindness.

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